Who we are

Ducky Black was born as legends do, the initiative, emotions and rock and roll spirit of its creator the Colombian designer Luisa Alvarado, combined with the fact that the necessity of cloths and outfits with a unconventional touch and a vanguard’s style.

Fashion Discovery

The main design motivation is the DIY concept that have been the imprint of Luisa since the very beginning of her designing life, in her point of view, that is the revealed secret of her collections; an eternal rock and roll romance. Luisa started producing T-shirts for her friends back in college where she studies visual arts, the she decide to improve her design, sewing and patronage skills that why she graduate as a fashion designer in Colombia.


After her son Damien was born, she started to design child’s outfits because the lack of creativity and style offered in the market at the time, so contemporary modern moms began to follow DB style, then, the brand found another market target, contemporary adults and young rockers around the world with a preference for vintage style and Rock & Roll way of life.

Creative futures


Always inspired by the strong attitude of her favorite punk rock dives, and focused into offer a very different approach of Rock fashion, she brings to the market sophisticated and unique pieces, handmade with the best materials and a touch of elaborated concepts; Bikers, T-shirts, skirts, trousers, tops and scarfs using high quality leathers, fabrics and vegan leather with the very true style of a classy punk fashion.


Choice for all

Comfortable pieces, preserving the essence of the old school styles as the 70´s biker jacket, as she said “We did not invent it, we just put our soul on it”.

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