Fall 2022


Clan Ching Collection

Collection Concept

 The inspiration for this collection is the abstract nature;  Elements such as air, wind, water and phenomena that appear when mixed together such as storms, thunder, rain and rainbows.

  The meaning of each element and its combination create wonderful effects that cannot be explained to the eyes if not felt and seen.  For this reason, I base my collection on the colors and shapes that reflect storms, lightning and rainbows, their inexplicable movements that form unrepeatable and unique landscapes just like my textiles.  For this I designed, on a computer, real, different and innovative images, with waterproof fabrics just for the comfort and functionality of these unexpected climates, as well as deconstructive, overlapping, loose silhouettes.


 The pieces in this collection are biker-style jackets, which will always be Ducky Black’s star product, as well as bombers, overcoats, raincoats, skirts and Windbreaker.  These are garments that despite their comfort are still unique and can be used both at home, on the street or at work.  In addition, some are light and easy to carry in small bags or small spaces for the comfort of the user.

  Our focus is on the functionality of the garment with elements like utility pockets, never losing sight of color, sparkles, iridescence and all the exuberance that this changing fashion in the rain evokes.  In this way, the textiles used are antifluid, printed, synthetic and waterproof, with accessories such as studs, sequins and embroidery.

 The silhouettes will be very fluid and organic, like rain.  We are also going to direct ourselves to a medium cost line with a lot of pattern innovation and design, so that whoever uses our pieces feels like lightning, a rainbow and with the force of a storm to go powerful to their destination.